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Michael David Winery, 6th Sense Syrah Lodi

Bottle Size: 750mL

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Michael David Winery, 6th Sense Syrah Lodi

Typical of a Lodi Syrah, our 6th Sense is big, juicy, and doesn’t hold anything back. Initial flavors of ripe blackberry, boysenberry and a hint of allspice lead to a chocolate and tobacco laced finish.

  • Blackberry
  • Boysenberry
  • Allspice
  • Chocolate
  • Tobacco

About the Vineyard:

“Michael” and “David” are Michael and David Phillips, brothers whose family has farmed fruits and vegetables in the Lodi region since the 1850s, cultivating wine grapes for nearly a century. Michael and David constitute the 5th generation of grape-growers in the Phillips family, with the 6th generation now joining the family business.

Today Michael David Winery has extended itself to the 6th generation of grape growers in the family, with Kevin Phillips and Melissa Phillips Stroud now joining the family business. The family continues to emphasize the importance of quality wines with unique and eye-catching labels.

Farming with future generations in mind, Michael David Winery has adopted some of the most progressive sustainable farming practices in the state. All 750 acres of the family’s vineyards are third-party certified and the state’s first per ton bonus was issued for contracted growers to follow in the family’s footsteps. Starting with the 2011 vintage, 100% of the Lodi grown fruit crushed at Michael David winery was certified sustainable.

Winery: Michael David Winery – https://shop.michaeldavidwinery.com/product/2017-6TH-SENSE-SYRAH-12/750ML
Wine Style: California Syrah
Grapes: Shiraz/Syrah
Country / Region / Sub-Region: USA / California / Lodi
Alcohol: 15.0%
Rating (Vivino): 3.9/5
Bottle Size: 750mL


This wine is from Lodi and that should be enough to tell you that it’s going to be good. Also, it is produced by Michael David who also produces Freakshow, Petite Petit, and Earthquake, just to name a few. Lodi’s climate is very Mediterranean, which is why black-skinned grapes like Zinfandel (which originated in Adriatic wine regions) do so well here. But it is easy to forget that all around the Mediterranean basin, white wine grapes also thrive, producing white wines that are every bit as fresh, light, and zesty in natural acidity as white wines from Northern European countries.


The Phillips brothers planted one of the first Syrah vineyards in California in 1982. With Michael’s son Kevin continuing the Phillips grape growing tradition into the 6th generation, this Syrah vineyard was one of the first he tended to as our Vineyard Manager. If you turn the bottle around you will see Kevin’s eye looking out from the inside of the bottle, making sure the wine is being enjoyed!


With velvety hues, the 2017 vintage will surely awaken your senses! Aromas of blackberry, butterscotch and milk chocolate are laced with just a hint of cured meat and black cardamom. Black raspberry, dried cranberry, and cola flavors carry through the lengthy, sultry finish of this full-bodied Syrah.


Michael David Winery, 6th Sense Syrah Lodi is best paired with:

  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Game (deer, venison)
  • Poultry


Travel Details to the Winery are Coming Soon!

  • Hotels
  • B&B’s
  • Restaurants
  • Plane, Train, Boat, Automobiles


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