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What is it about Wine?

Recently, I was having wine with some friends.  Now I know that this isn’t earth-shattering news but it got me to thinking about the evening.  First thing was that it was a Monday night – Somewhat unusual, but not totally weird.  The second thing that came to mind was that we decided to meet at a friend’s house instead of going someplace public.  Once again, not mind-blowing.  The third thing was that the 4 friends that traveled, for a couple of hours of catching up, all traveled about 20 miles to spend time together.

Image of 5 friends sitting around a home bar drinking wine

Last week, I got together with some other friends and the same thought came to mind. Two of the couples traveled more than 20 miles for an afternoon of wine, snacks, and camaraderie.  Distance doesn’t really seem to be an issue when wine and friends are involved.

Image of 6 friends at the Casa Jimenez wine shop in Tampa drinking wine

What is it about wine that turns acquaintances to friends, it makes gatherings more memorable, it makes time spent with loved ones more important?

Wine is the answer when Wednesday rolls around.  It’s the option on a balmy summer evening or the drink of choice at a swanky restaurant. It’s the meme on Facebook that everyone can tag their wine friend. A special bottle of wine is the gift you bring to a friend’s house (and secretly hope your host or hostess will insist on opening it right away).

Whether it’s happy hour with the girls, the weekend with friends at the pool or a romantic candlelight dinner – wine has ingrained itself in our lives.  Wine is intertwined in our casual life as well as our professional life.  It is the glue that ties our events together.

What is it about wine?  May I suggest gathering some friends, opening a bottle of wine and contemplate the question.  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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