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Sandeman Madeira Rainwater

Bottle Size: 750mL

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Sandeman Madeira Rainwater

The House of Sandeman was founded in London in 1790 by George Sandeman, a young Scotsman from Perth who borrowed £300 to invest in a wine trading business with products from Porto and Jerez. More than 230 years later, an average of 21 bottles of Sandeman are bought every minute in more than 75 countries. The Sandeman portfolio includes Ports, Sherries, and Madeira’s and has been recognized as the world’s most awarded portfolio of Aged Tawnies for the past six years by Decanter, IWC, and IWSC. As for the infamous Sandeman Don, a Scottish artist named George Massiot Brown approached Sandeman in 1928 to design a poster to advertise the brand. Incorporating the company’s Ports of Portugal and their Spanish Sherries, The Don is wearing a wide-brimmed Spanish hat like the Caballeros of Jerez and a Portuguese student’s cape. The Don became famous and was one of the very first design icons for wine. Today the Don has become part of the very essence of the Sandeman brand and can be found on every bottle sold.


Winery: Sandeman – https://www.sandeman.com/madeira-wine/medium-dry/rainwater-2020/
Wine Style: Portuguese Madeira
Grapes: Tinta Negra
Country / Region / Sub-Region:  Portugal / Madeira /
Alcohol: 19%
Rating (Vivino): 3.6/5
Bottle Size: 750mL


This fortified wine is a great apertif or as a nice finish to a wonderful meal – sort of a liquid dessert. 

Sandeman Madeira Rainwater is ready for drinking and does not require decanting. Serve slightly

chilled, between 42-50 degrees F. Once open, Sandeman Madeira Rainwater can remain fresh for many



Sandeman Madeira Rainwater is made in the traditional manner on the Atlantic island of Madeira, The rich soil and volcanic subsoil give this wine a unique character which is enhanced by the wine making and ageing. It is light in body but full in flavor, well balanced and a good accompaniment to many classic dishes such as soups and patés. It is also an essential ingredient in classic cuisine.


Medium light amber color with pronounced golden highlights. Clean nutty aromas, very agreeable light complexity. Medium dry in flavor, nutty and slightly complex, with a good clean finish. Brilliant wine – a good quality young Madeira in evolution.


The character of Sandeman Madeira Rainwater make it a perfect match for many appetizers, such as soups, bisques, foie-gras or paté. It is also a respected ingredient in classic high quality cuisine and adds a unique touch of flavor to any dish.


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